when an artist wants to show you their art

or a writer wants you to read what they’ve written

it’s quite often an expression of trust

because a poem or a story or a painting are often things that come from the heart

little pieces of the artists themselves

and if they’re willing to share it with you

you should appreciate it


Лутам се сред стари блянове, изгубена.
Въртя се във кръг омагьосан,
а миналото ръце страшни протяга
да ме бутне във своята пропаст.

Край мен нови чудовища
отварят своите големи усти,
тракат със зъби железни
и с огнени езици пронизват ме. 

А аз бягам и бягам напред,
ранена и уплашена.
И скитам се из кратерите
на своето съзнание.

Преследват ме кошмари и спомени,
изпълнени със ужас и мрак, и тъги.
Преживявам всичко пак и отново,
и падам във бездната на старите дни. 


I am not an easy person to love. Some days I will whisper how beautiful you are while planting gentle kisses all over your body. You will giggle and try to fight me off and in that moment my heart will have never felt so light.

But other days when my mind is a storm cloud threatening to explode, I will be a bundle of emotions that I cannot quite keep contained. I will be cold, distant, and you will look at me like I am not the same person you fell in love with.

I am a broken light switch. My moods flicker without anyone flipping me on and off. I wake up each morning and wonder which me you will encounter that day. I always hope it is the one who makes you want to stick around.

I am not easy to love. But what I need you to understand is that whether there is a war waging inside of my mind or I am the kind person that you adore, I will always love you.

I will love you in the morning. I will love you when you cry. I will love you when I am angry. I will love you when you’re being stubborn. I will love you when I don’t even love myself. I will love you.

I know that there will be days when you want to give up on me but I am asking you, please don’t. You see, you are the only one who has been able to settle the storm inside of me before I even realize it is surfacing.

I am not easy to love but I promise that I will always put up a fight. And I will love you no matter which me my light switch flips on that day.

— LC (via forever-and-alwayss)
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"What a culture we live in. We are swimming in an ocean of information, and drowning in ignorance."
— Richard Paul Evans, A Step of Faith
"At 19, I read a sentence that re-terraformed my head: “The level of matter in the universe has been constant since the Big Bang.”
In all the aeons we have lost nothing, we have gained nothing - not a speck, not a grain, not a breath. The universe is simply a sealed, twisting kaleidoscope that has reordered itself a trillion trillion trillion times over.
Each baby, then, is a unique collision - a cocktail, a remix - of all that has come before: made from molecules of Napoleon and stardust and comets and whale tooth; colloidal mercury and Cleopatra’s breath: and with the same darkness that is between the stars between, and inside, our own atoms.
When you know this, you suddenly see the crowded top deck of the bus, in the rain, as a miracle: this collection of people is by way of a starburst constellation. Families are bright, irregular-shaped nebulae. Finding a person you love is like galaxies colliding. We are all peculiar, unrepeatable, perambulating micro-universes - we have never been before and we will never be again. Oh God, the sheer exuberant, unlikely face of our existences. The honour of being alive. They will never be able to make you again. Don’t you dare waste a second of it thinking something better will happen when it ends. Don’t you dare."
— Caitlin Moran (via artvevo)
"Of course you feel lost. Stars are lost among galaxies. Galaxies are lost among super clusters. When we start to feel like we are our own piece of the universe, we are placed to scale alongside more vast things and we feel ourselves burn smaller. To feel lost means there’s a hundred different trajectories that exist for your celestial body to take.

So, go on, star dust.

Pick your orbit."
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В историческия музей

Поглеждам в очите ви мъртви
и ме връхлита буря от спомени,
изтъкани от нишките на хиляди съдби
и сплетени с трупове заровени.

Зад тези вече празни погледи,
застинали в студения камък,
се крият толкова скъпи мечти,
които още живеят в човешката памет.

Ах, как ни носите на вашите плещи,
дори след толкова много години.
На вас, хайдути, всичко дължим,
на вас и на вашите дружини.

"Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day."
— Paulo Coelho, Brida (via kushandwizdom)

Laurell K. Hamilton, Blood Noir


Laurell K. Hamilton, Blood Noir